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Spring Yard Clean Up

It’s that time of year again to get the garden ready for a flush of growth in the spring. Many gardeners let the flowers and bushes go to seed in the fall, so the birds have something to scavenge over the winter. When spring comes it looks untidy. It also shades the ground and inhibits new seedlings.

Once the possibility of a hard freeze has passed, the first step is to remove debris, dead branches on the ground, fallen leaves and any mulch you used to protect plants against the cold.

Cut back those plants that require pruning in the spring. When the bushes start to break bud for new leaves, remove branches that are dead. You can tell because they won’t have any green fat buds on them. Dead branches are also a greyish brown.

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Break up clods of earth in the beds caused by heaving during the winter. Rake level.

Once the weather has warmed up so the plants are actively growing, feed with water-soluble fertilizer per package direction. Don’t be in a rush to get that fertilizer on the plants if there’s any chance of frost. The fertilizer encourages new tender growth which requires quite a bit of energy from the plant. Frost kills off that new growth which stunts the plant’s growth, It will take longer to recover and start growing again.

Roses are in a class by themselves. Prune any dead wood and criss- crossed branches. Thin out weak branches. Open up the center of the rose bush for good air circulation. Most roses can be cut back to three to five branches that are 18 to 24 inches long.

As the weather warms up keep an eye out for powdery mildew on the plant’s leaves and buds. There are commercial products available to get rid of this fungus. However, a good home remedy is 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 9 tablespoons of water. Spray on the affected parts of the plant. Another remedy is milk. It doesn’t matter whether the milk is skim or full fat. Again use a ratio of 1 tablespoon of milk to 9 tablespoons of water and spray on the plant.

While you’re at it, give patio and garden furniture a good scrubbing with a mild soap. Rinse and let dry in the sunshine. Repair any loose webbing. If the furniture looks worn and tired, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Spray paint works well on outdoor furniture. Select the kind that works on your type of furniture. For example, not all paint sticks to plastic, so if you have plastic chairs, use the appropriate paint.

With just a weekend’s worth of work your garden will be cleaned up for spring and ready to burst in to bloom.

Installing Hardwood Floors is a Challenge

Installing hardwood flooring is a challenging process with quite a few steps. For a properly installed hardwood floor you need the right sub floor, preparation, tools and knowledge for the installation. Many Boise residents decide to hire a professional for the job.

While you can’t see it a properly leveled subfloor is a critical part of installing your hardwood flooring. If it’s not done properly the floor won’t look or feel right. Additionally you’ll need to be an expert on finishing the flooring with trims and moldings to get a beautiful finished product.

There are three main steps to installing hardwood flooring: preparing, installing and finishing.

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First you have to prepare for the installation. The original flooring surface may need to be removed. The subfloor needs to be level, clean and dry. Having a level subfloor is essential for installing the hardwood flooring properly.

Wall base, millwork and trims need to be removed and stored if they will be reinstalled after the installation. The hardwood flooring professional may need to acclimate the hardwood if necessary.

Next the flooring is ready to be installed. The installation process starts with installing an underlayment. The underlayment helps to reduce noise. It’s glued and nailed into place. Next the flooring is laid. The pattern depends on the owner’s requests and the desired end results but generally flooring runs parallel to the room’s longest wall.

The flooring may need to be glued together or to the subfloor depending on the type of home and other factors.

After the flooring has been installed the finishing process begins. The last row of wood often needs to be cut to fit. And contours are added to fit around fixtures in the room like door jams. Then trim is reinstalled to give the flooring a finished look.

This is just a basic guide to the processes involved with installing hardwood in Boise. There are a lot of considerations and variables related to installing hardwood flooring.

Cleaning with Salt

To all of the housewives, when you know the shortcut to cleaning, you will not hate it that much as you do. One big cleaning tip to you is the usage of salt. Yes! Salt, the thing that you use for seasoning, you can now use it as a multi-purpose cleaner.

You can remove the dust and debris from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. When it comes to stain? You may try salt. Sprinkle some salt onto the stain area. Wait for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, mix some vinegar with water. Add the water vinegar mixture to the salt to clean the carpet stain.

Salt not only cleans your carpet, it can also remove the rust on all of equipments and tools. Make a paste with salt, water and baking soda. Use this paste to apply onto your rusting tools. Leave the tools under the sun until the paste has been dried up. Then remove the paste and clean the tool with a brush or a clean rug.

Image result for Cleaning with Salt

The white porcelain toilet and sink are very beautiful. But the white color also makes the stains more noticeable. You can easily notice the brownish stain and water stain on your toilet and sink. To remove the stain, you can smear on them a salt and turpentine mixture. Clean them up with a wet sponge after 15 minutes. You will notice the brownish stain goes away!

I love wooden table but I think I do not really know how to maintain them in good shape. I sometimes put the hot plates onto wooden table and I find it is damaged by the heat. Use salt and salad oil mixture can help remedy the damage. Place the mixture on the damaged areas with a soft rug. Clean the mixture up before the mixture has completely dried up. You can see the heat damage goes away!

If you have furniture or decoration that is made of bronze, salt can also help your cleaning. Mix the salt, flour and vinegar into a pasty mixture. Use a cleaning rug to smear the mixture onto the furniture or decoration surface. Wait for an hour and use a clean rug to wipe clean and polish.

If you shinny bronze furniture or decoration shine no more, you can also try salt. Soak several pieces of lemon into the salt solution. Use the soaked lemon to rub your bronze furniture or decoration. Finally rinse with water and you will immediately see how shinny they are.

Should You Buy Carpet Protector?

In some instances, carpet protectors and stain treatments are applied in the factory during production, however, it’s important to note that protectants do dissolve over time.

What is carpet protector and what does it do? There are many brands and many names, but essentially, they’re all the same concept.

So, should you buy carpet protector for your carpet? The short answer: Yes! But “Why?” you ask. Let us explain the benefits of carpet protectors:

Stain Defense

The basic, and perhaps most obvious, benefit of having a carpet protector applied to your carpet is that it will temporarily defend against staining if the spill is treated quickly.

The carpet protector creates a soft coating over the carpet fibers and repels the liquids once they contact the surface of the carpet.

Due to the coating, most liquids will bead up and allow you to blot them away before they seep into the carpet and potentially create a damaging, permanent stain, making carpet protector a good choice for homes with pets and children.

However, the protectant isn’t a 100% guarantee that the liquid won’t stain depending on the contents of the liquid or its temperature. But, for liquids like coffee or juice, the carpet protector is pretty reliable.

Remember to that the carpet protector does not prevent stains, but rather defends against them in order to allow time for you to clean the stain before damage does occur.

Reduce Wear

The less obvious benefit, but perhaps most important, is that carpet protector will reduce the wear on carpet fibers.

Essentially, instead of damaging the carpet and wearing down its quality via basic traffic and everyday use, you will instead be wearing down the protectant.

As mentioned above, no carpet protector application is permanent, but if applied regularly during professional carpet cleaning, you should help extend the lifetime of your carpet and prevent major damage via stains or long-term traffic.

Carpet protector is often an additional cost to a carpet cleaning service, but considering the potential for the treatment to prevent stains, maintain your carpet’s beauty and extend its lifetime to prevent the need to constantly purchase new, expensive carpet, it can be a very smart investment.

Most professional carpet cleaners in Waukesha offer carpet protector. Nature’s Way Chem-Dry offers all of their customers their Chem-Dry Protectant Package during their service as well as their Healthy Home Package that includes sanitise to help prevent allergens and remove odours from pets and other sources in your home.

Electrical V Petrol Pressure cleaners- whats best?

Buying the right pressure cleaner can have serious considerations if you get it wrong. We have been around for a long time and can advise you of the best equipment to buy. Part of our consulting business is dedicated to helping you get the right advice and we will hold your hand all the way through this expensive process. High end pressure cleaning equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars and we will make sure you make the right decisions.

First we will sit down and discuss your needs, including a detailed list of all the potential environments you will be working in. After this process we can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of electric and fuel high pressure cleaning systems. Both can provide a high pressure results, but depending on where t you are planning to use the equipment, we will guide you to the right machine of rte job at hand.

Electrical machines have the advantage of being less noisy and more reliable. Petrol machine are nosier but can be used in remote locations where a power source isn’t available.

Talk to use and get some great advice before making your decision.

Pressure Cleaning
Pressure Washing Tips for Concrete Driveways

Pressure Washing Tips for Concrete Driveways

Driveways are located in the open and susceptible to external pollution, dirt and other debris that may get stuck to the surface of it. Standard ways of cleaning like brushing it with soap water will only get a minor percentage of the dirt separated from its mother layer.

Today, with the help of pressure washers, these powerful water jets can easily scrape off the dirt from the layer with ease. Etching is the process of blasting the concrete with so much pressure that it sheds small bits of concrete giving it a bleached effect from the rest of the layer.

But there are specific tips to be noted before operating such pieces of equipment and focusing them on decimating the dirt from the concrete driveways.

Along with the pressure washers, usually different kinds of nozzles with different shades come attached. Some tips concentrate the pressure in a small and single area, which would lead to etching. Others expand the pressure radius, ideal for cleaning cars and larger objects. The quick tip would be the one suitable for concrete cleaning, which will be specified usually.

House cleaning maintenance pressure washers require anywhere from 3000-3500 PSI. Anything more than this will be too powerful ending up etching everything in the house. Attaching a turbo nozzle would be a good idea, as it rotates the dispersion and does not leave tracks of its work.

If the concrete is scattered with dirt, molds, oil and other stains. It is best to use designated specialized cleaners to get rid of these from its pores and sources. These particular detergents help the dirt and stains afloat from its layer and rise on top. Once the dirt and stains have become loose and fragmented, the coating can be sprayed with a pressure washer to clear of the dirt flooded layer giving it a clean and smooth finish.

Do not try to blast of the sealers or coatings of the cement layer. As it is this layer that gives the cement its protection and defense. Water blasting the layer with too much pressure will crack and break the coating leading to rapid deterioration of the adhesive. In cases where the seals or coating get cracked, remember to apply a new coat as it will strengthen the blocks of cement ability to keep off dirt and stains while allowing easy cleaning of the concrete.





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