To all of the housewives, when you know the shortcut to cleaning, you will not hate it that much as you do. One big cleaning tip to you is the usage of salt. Yes! Salt, the thing that you use for seasoning, you can now use it as a multi-purpose cleaner.

You can remove the dust and debris from the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. When it comes to stain? You may try salt. Sprinkle some salt onto the stain area. Wait for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, mix some vinegar with water. Add the water vinegar mixture to the salt to clean the carpet stain.

Salt not only cleans your carpet, it can also remove the rust on all of equipments and tools. Make a paste with salt, water and baking soda. Use this paste to apply onto your rusting tools. Leave the tools under the sun until the paste has been dried up. Then remove the paste and clean the tool with a brush or a clean rug.

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The white porcelain toilet and sink are very beautiful. But the white color also makes the stains more noticeable. You can easily notice the brownish stain and water stain on your toilet and sink. To remove the stain, you can smear on them a salt and turpentine mixture. Clean them up with a wet sponge after 15 minutes. You will notice the brownish stain goes away!

I love wooden table but I think I do not really know how to maintain them in good shape. I sometimes put the hot plates onto wooden table and I find it is damaged by the heat. Use salt and salad oil mixture can help remedy the damage. Place the mixture on the damaged areas with a soft rug. Clean the mixture up before the mixture has completely dried up. You can see the heat damage goes away!

If you have furniture or decoration that is made of bronze, salt can also help your cleaning. Mix the salt, flour and vinegar into a pasty mixture. Use a cleaning rug to smear the mixture onto the furniture or decoration surface. Wait for an hour and use a clean rug to wipe clean and polish.

If you shinny bronze furniture or decoration shine no more, you can also try salt. Soak several pieces of lemon into the salt solution. Use the soaked lemon to rub your bronze furniture or decoration. Finally rinse with water and you will immediately see how shinny they are.