Buying the right pressure cleaner can have serious considerations if you get it wrong. We have been around for a long time and can advise you of the best equipment to buy. Part of our consulting business is dedicated to helping you get the right advice and we will hold your hand all the way through this expensive process. High end pressure cleaning equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars and we will make sure you make the right decisions.

First we will sit down and discuss your needs, including a detailed list of all the potential environments you will be working in. After this process we can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of electric and fuel high pressure cleaning systems. Both can provide a high pressure results, but depending on where t you are planning to use the equipment, we will guide you to the right machine of rte job at hand.

Electrical machines have the advantage of being less noisy and more reliable. Petrol machine are nosier but can be used in remote locations where a power source isn’t available.

Talk to use and get some great advice before making your decision.

Pressure Cleaning