Installing hardwood flooring is a challenging process with quite a few steps. For a properly installed hardwood floor you need the right sub floor, preparation, tools and knowledge for the installation. Many Boise residents decide to hire a professional for the job.

While you can’t see it a properly leveled subfloor is a critical part of installing your hardwood flooring. If it’s not done properly the floor won’t look or feel right. Additionally you’ll need to be an expert on finishing the flooring with trims and moldings to get a beautiful finished product.

There are three main steps to installing hardwood flooring: preparing, installing and finishing.

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First you have to prepare for the installation. The original flooring surface may need to be removed. The subfloor needs to be level, clean and dry. Having a level subfloor is essential for installing the hardwood flooring properly.

Wall base, millwork and trims need to be removed and stored if they will be reinstalled after the installation. The hardwood flooring professional may need to acclimate the hardwood if necessary.

Next the flooring is ready to be installed. The installation process starts with installing an underlayment. The underlayment helps to reduce noise. It’s glued and nailed into place. Next the flooring is laid. The pattern depends on the owner’s requests and the desired end results but generally flooring runs parallel to the room’s longest wall.

The flooring may need to be glued together or to the subfloor depending on the type of home and other factors.

After the flooring has been installed the finishing process begins. The last row of wood often needs to be cut to fit. And contours are added to fit around fixtures in the room like door jams. Then trim is reinstalled to give the flooring a finished look.

This is just a basic guide to the processes involved with installing hardwood in Boise. There are a lot of considerations and variables related to installing hardwood flooring.